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Video Game News 5/26/2024

🤖 Rex Radiowave Report 🤖

Based on the provided news context, here's a summary of the recent developments: **Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) News** * A potential third GTA 6 trailer might be released in December 2024, followed by a more substantial gameplay trailer in February 2025. * Rockstar Games is working on "the next Grand Theft Auto" despite early footage leaks. The developers assured fans that the project will continue as planned and will properly introduce the game when it's ready. **GTA 6 Leaks** * Test footage from September 18, 2022, showed off 53 minutes and 26 seconds of gameplay, featuring a Bonnie and Clyde-like duo named Jason and Lucia. * The leaker has been arrested, and Rockstar Games responded to the leak by releasing the trailer wholesale. **GTA 6 Release Date** * The release date window is set for "fall 2025" as confirmed by Rockstar parent company Take-Two Interactive. * A brief glimpse of the map was leaked on TikTok just days before the GTA 6 trailer release date. These are the latest developments in the world of Grand Theft Auto 6.


Getting sick of getting kicked out of a Helldivers 2 session right before a mission ends? Arrowhead is "working on a solution"
Helldivers 2 to put a stop to its most frustrating griefing method
Helldivers 2 is "working on a solution" for griefing lobby leaders who kick teammates before the mission ends
Helldivers 2 Developer Arrowhead Appoints New CEO


Don't worry, story haters, Wuthering Waves will soon let you skip more of those pesky cutscenes
How to Farm Sonance Caskets (All Locations) in Wuthering Waves
Wuthering Waves May Get Improved English Voice Acting
How to solve Fallen Grave Encryption Block puzzle in Wuthering Waves
Where to find the Souvenir Shop in Wuthering Waves andย bestย items
How to perform a super jump in Wuthering Waves
Best Calcharo team comp in Wuthering Waves


Warner Bros. is allegedly "threatening to destroy" a popular YouTube modding channel over, er, some silly Mortal Kombat 1 videos
Ubisoft Pirate Game Skull and Bones Gets Trial Version, Price Cut as Player Count Reportedly Plummets
MultiVersus Reveals Jason Voorhees and Agent Smith in New Trailer


Baldur's Gate 3 writer doesn't care what a possible sequel looks like, as long as whoever makes it doesn't do it just to "hit our earnings next quarter"
Baldurโ€™s Gate 3 director says the vast RPG required a โ€œbit of crunchโ€


While you wait for Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2, you can pick up another game from the tabletop series for free
Steam indie survival game gets even better with big automation update
Balatro has a surprising new rival in this Steam poker RPG
Civilization goes roguelike in 4X strategy game you can try now
Hectic Steam multiplayer game having free play period and 50% off sale
Leaker Shares Kingdom Hearts 4 Details
Kingdom Hearts Steam Releases Confirmed for Next Month


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MultiVersus Teases Debut of Even More New Characters
Returnal: The Game You May Not Be Able to Play
Ubisoft Releases Skull & Bones Season 2 Patch Notes and Trailer, Announces Upcoming Free Trial


Review: The Bridge Curse 2: The Extrication Scares, but Could Be Shorter
The Witcher 3 REDkit Modding Tool is Available Now on PC
XDefiant Gets New Trailer Showcasing Pre-Season Battle Pass
Review โ€“ Crow Country โ€“ PS5


Review: Please Fix the Road (Nintendo Switch)
Round Up: Indie Live Expo 2024 - Every Nintendo Switch Game Showcased


Sand Land -
Gran Saga Idle Gift Codes List and How to Redeem


Nintendo Shares Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Air Plane Guide
List of all Switch demos
Nintendo Buys Hogwarts Legacy and Mortal Kombat Porting Studio Shiver
More Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Pre-Order Goodies Have Been Revealed
Rumor: a Bleach game will be releasing on Switch
Rumour: Nintendo has 2 big re-releases to launch on current Switch after March 2025


Hellblade II Combat Mastery, Rewards For Returning MultiVersus Players, And More Tips For The Week
Senua's Saga: Hellblade II looks stunning in VR thanks to Praydog's UEVR mod


Bungie wins its Destiny 2 cheat maker court case, taking home five figure chump change while potentially setting a bad precedent
Halo Reach remains a masterpiece of dread - and the greatest prequel story of all time


Fortnite will finally be back on iOS late next year, alongside the Epic Games Store - well, in the UK at least
Best Fortnite trackers and how to use them