less noise, more news

Every day a fresh batch of news
grouped by trending topics,
organized by hottest first.


This is a passion project.

I was tired of doom scrolling rss feeds and fighting with magazine layouts. I was tired of arm wrestling different news apps into submission. I was tired of scanning thousands of headlines just to figure out what most folks were talking about right now. So, I set out on a quest. My quest was to build an algorithm that could just look at all the news for me and categorize articles by trending keywords. Then I cross referenced keywords across sites, if more than one site is talking about a game I want to know about it. Then I ranked them, the more buzz around a game the higher it gets ranked. What I found was that once news was organized this way it was much easier for me to grok just from skimming the headlines.

It’s really that simple. Every night my algorithm runs and publishes a new page of news. That same page of news gets sent out to the newsletter.

If this sounds interesting to you, then feel free to subscribe to the email list. If you want to help out or get in touch, head over to the gitlab issue tracker.

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